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Zisimos is a Greek born in Sydney Australia. His family moved to Athens Greece when he was very young and has been living in Glyfada (a beautiful place in Athens near the sea) ever since.


His passion for photography made its appearance later in his life. It first started as a hobby but soon became a pleasant obsession having to do with presenting his perception of things (landscapes, portraits, long exposures, drone etc.) through his pictures. His last deals are in real estate photography and his speciality as a Google Trusted Photographer, is the 360° content for hotels and private properties.

His passion is currently evolving to a profession. Although self-taught, he had the pleasure to host his first solo exhibition with great success in May 2015. He will soon have a new exhibition.


Some of his latest projects can be seen on this website.


*Feel free to take the tour of my website. I remain at your disposal for any comments or suggestions which would be more than welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


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